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Seattle Marijuana Attorney

Marijuana Possession Lawyer in Seattle

Marijuana laws in Washington are very complicated. Marijuana possession, for example, can result in felony, misdemeanor or no charges at all depending on the amount. If you are facing a drug charge in Seattle, call The Law Offices of Steve Karimi right now. An attorney can help you fight to get the results that you want and protect your rights. Best of all, if you call now you can speak to attorney Steve Karimi for a free consultation in order to discuss your case.

Washington's Uniform Controlled Substances Act Chapter 69.50 RCW outlines the Marijuana laws and penalties. Marijuana laws are often confusing because possession of small amounts of the drug is actually legal in the State of Washington. This does not meant that all Marijuana use is legal though and marijuana crimes can still be charged as felonies. Offenses involved other drugs are almost always felony charges as well. If you have been arrested for a marijuana offense, call a our firm now. Your best chance at getting great results is to hire an experienced legal professional to help you fight.

Seattle Marijuana Charges

The most confusing aspect of Seattle marijuana law is the fact that some marijuana possession is actually legal. In the state of Washington, possession of under 1 ounce of marijuana is legal. There are, of course, caveats to this law. For example, the marijuana must be for personal use and cannot be sold or distributed to another person, especially a minor. There are legal ways to obtain this amount  and you can still be charged with a crime if you are caught purchasing or distributing marijuana illegally even if it is under 1 oz. To find out more about this law, contact a us now.

If you are found by police to be in possession of more than 1 oz. of marijuana you can face serious charges. Some of the most minor offenses can result in misdemeanor charges. Marijuana possession of an amount over 1 ounce but under 40 grams is considered a misdemeanor offense. Other crimes like possession of hash under 40 grams can also lead to misdemeanor charges. These crimes can result in a sentence of $1,000 in fines and anywhere from 1 to 90 days in jail. A crime that involves delivery or selling paraphernalia to a minor will result in up to a year in jail and very steep fines. A misdemeanor conviction can also result in community service, drug treatment, probation and more. The best way to avoid these penalties is to fight the charges with the aid of an experienced Seattle marijuana defense attorney.     

The most serious marijuana crimes result in felony charges. Offenses such as possession of over 40 grams of marijuana, drug cultivation and possession with intent to distribute are all considered felony offenses. Intent to sell or distribute marijuana is a felony regardless of the actual amount of drug that you have. For example, if police believe that you are attempting to deal marijuana, you can be charged with a felony even if you only have 1 ounce of the drug in your possession at the time of the arrest.

Felony marijuana charges are usually Class C offenses and can result in a sentence of 5 years in jail and $10,000 in fines. If your crime involved selling to minors or took place in a school zone, your sentence could be doubled resulting in 10 years in jail and up to $20,000 in fines. A felony charge can also result in long term negative effects. Convicted felons are often turned down for jobs and school admissions and can even be denied loans. If you have been arrested for a felony marijuana crime, call a Seattle drug crime attorney and stand up for your rights.

Seattle Marijuana Defense Attorney

Drug crimes are more difficult to defend than many than many other offenses. The reason for this is because the presence of the drug is also the crime. Only a Seattle drug crime attorney who knows a lot about Washington drug laws knows that the best way to defend a drug offense is to work to suppress the evidence. If the prosecution cannot present the evidence (i.e. the marijuana that was in your possession) it is impossible to prove that any crime was committed. Suppressing the evidence is hard work and you will need a dedicated attorney who is willing to fight for you.

The Law Offices of Steve Karimi is a VUCSA defense law firm in Seattle that is committed to defending people just like you who are facing marijuana charges in Washington. If you have been arrested for marijuana possession, distribution or any other marijuana related crime, call us now for a free consultation. A marijuana conviction can affect your future job prospects and lead to serious jail time and fines.

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Seattle Drug Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Seattle, call The Law Offices of Steve Karimi right away. When it comes to your future, you need experienced and reliable legal assistance with a proven record of successful drug crime defense. Call now to get started.