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King County VUCSA Attorney

Drug Crimes in King County

Have you been arrested for a drug crime in King County, WA? If so, you are not alone. According to the King County Police Department's 2012 Annual Report, police made 158 arrests in the county for crimes involving Heroin, Opium, Cocaine & their derivatives, 141 marijuana related arrests and 144 arrests for other narcotic related crimes. Many of these crimes are felony charges that can result in steep fines and years of incarceration. If you are facing a charge for a drug crime in King County, contact a defense attorney right away to learn more about your defense options.

In Washington, drug crimes are spelled out in the Uniform Controlled Substance Act. Any offense under this act is known as a Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act or VUCSA. It is important that any person charged with a drug crime hire an attorney that understands this Act.

VUCSA Charges in King County

Drug Trafficking – When a suspect is found in possession of a drug as well as evidence that they may be packaging drugs to distribute, they could face charges for drug trafficking.

Drug Possession – A person who is found with any amount of a drug in their possession can be charged with a crime. In many cases, the charges can be even more serious depending on how much of the drug they have.

Prescription Drug Fraud – A person can be charged with prescription drug fraud for attempting to sell or obtain prescription drugs without a valid prescription. This includes doctor shopping, stealing prescription pads or duplicating prescriptions.

Drug Crimes Involving Minors – When a drug crime involves a minor child or takes place in a drug free zone, the potential penalties will be even greater if convicted.

Marijuana Charges – Even though marijuana is legal in Washington for personal use, a person can still be charged for possession of large amounts of marijuana or cultivating or selling it without a license.

Call a King County DUI Lawyer

When being charged with any type of criminal offense in Washington, it is vital that you understand your rights. An experienced King County VUCSA lawyer can explain more about your charges as well as what penalties you face. Attorney Steve Karimi is a former prosecutor who knows what it takes to beat drug crime charges. To find out more about how to fight your charges in King County, call The Law Offices of Steve Karimi to set up a free consultation.


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