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Drug Courts in Seattle

Alternate Sentencing for VUCSA in Seattle

When a person is convicted of a drug crime in Washington, there are a number of penalties that they will be subject to. This includes jail time and steep fines. In some cases, an offender may be able to avoid incarceration by enrolling in an alternate sentencing program. In King County, this is known as Drug Court which is a program designed to help offenders who are also addicts avoid jail time and get the treatment that they need. If you have been accused of a VUCSA offense in Seattle and would like to learn more about Drug Courts and alternative sentencing, contact The Law Offices of Steve Karimi today.

What is a Drug Court?

A Drug Court is a program that certain offenders can be eligible for that allows them to avoid serving jail time and allow them to get the help they need. When enrolled with a Drug Court, offenders are provided intensive treatment for their addiction as well as other services to help them get and stay sober. The minimum amount of time a person must be enrolled in Drug Court is 10 months, though the website of the King County Drug Court states that most people take about 15 months to complete the program.

When an offender is accepted into the Drug Court program, they are put under their supervision and then must abide by the policies of the Drug Court. They are also held accountable by a judge and are required to meet certain obligations such as reporting for regular and random drug testing, appearing in court to review their progress and facing sanctions when they fail to meet goals. There are 4 phases of the King County Drug Court. Offenders must meet certain requirements in order to graduate from all 4 phases in order to complete the program. Once this happens, their criminal charges will be dismissed and they will be free to move on with their lives. However, if they do not make progress, they will be terminated from the program and face the original sentencing for their offense.

Enrolling in Drug Court in Seattle

In 1994, King County implemented what was then only the 12th Drug Court in the country. Since then, more than 1,931 people have graduated from the program and today, the program provides treatment to about 400 people at a time. If you are facing charges for a drug related offense in Seattle, contact defense attorney Steve Karimi today.


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